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How Innovation Impacts Label Converter Production

by OMNI SystemsJanuary 1, 2017 11:13

Innovation: a frequently used buzzword. But, when applied as part of a consistent growth plan, can greatly impact how a thermal label converter does business. For a converter, innovation means keeping abreast of industry changes, like the shift we saw in 2016 towards more efficient presses and hybrid solutions. Additionally, innovation requires constant review and improvement of internal processes to remove redundancies and time demands.

For OMNI Systems, innovation means that we’re constantly looking for new ways to grow our thermal label business – in 2016 that meant we needed to respond to growing demands by investing in new manufacturing technology. Watch our video below to learn more about our commitment to growth and see some of our newest presses in action:

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OMNI Systems Kicks Off Its 25th Year Anniversary Celebration With Manufacturing Expansion

by OMNI SystemsApril 1, 2015 08:00

OMNI Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer of thermal labels in North America, announced today that it has started manufacturing at a second location in Cleveland to keep up with rising demand. 

The expansion, including new, state-of-the-art printing capabilities with automatic butt-splicers, in-line slitting and packaging, will allow customers to take advantage of a full-service facility producing, printing and packaging labels in a second location in addition to the primary manufacturing site in Richmond Heights OH. Customers can take advantage of OMNI's expertise in pressure sensitive labels, while simplifying and reducing risk in the supply chain. This addition is set to further increase OMNI's capacity by an additional 20%. 

"OMNI Systems recognizes the need for redundancy in the supply chain," said Adam DeFrancesco, OMNI's Founder and CEO. "While we're adding more presses to our operations to facilitate record growth, it made all the more sense to add another manufacturing location. This addition to our already robust business continuity plan offers our customers additional peace of mind in case of exigent circumstances, and allows OMNI to effectively manage its growth -- it's a WIN-WIN scenario all around  and it closely aligns with our growth strategy as the country's leading thermal label supplier."

OMNI Systems has seen record revenues and significant growth over the years, and has been making significant continual investments in automation while maintaining a debt free operating environment.

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