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25th Anniversary

Not All Label Companies are the Same

Discover the OMNI Systems™ Difference

Expect More From Your Label Company

It's time to expect more from your label supplier. It's time to expect the best price, the best quality and the best service. And it's time to see first-hand that OMNI is the only supplier that can deliver on all three.

How? We are one of the largest consumers of thermal media in North America, meaning we can buy label media at highly discounted rates. We take these discounts and then pass the savings - without sacrificing label quality or customer service - directly to you.

Lower Lifetime Costs

There's more to a label supplier than just price. Quality top-coated labels from OMNI Systems can help printheads last longer, reducing the total cost of ownership over time. And, as a custom label converter, our customer service team can create a solution to meet any labeling need.


The absolute lowest prices on labels and complementary products—guaranteed. Save an average of 15-25% on the highest quality top-coated labels, plus long-term fixed pricing.

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The highest quality labels and services from an ISO-compliant label converter that’s been dedicated to excellence for more than two decades. Higher quality labels also save money and time in the long run.

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The highest level of service from the leading label supplier—always on-time delivery, easy access to expert customer service and a partner to meet any labeling need.

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We Serve A Wide Variety of Industries.


UPC Shipping labels, Bar-coding, Receiving, Order Picking, Rack Labels

General Manufacturing:

Work in process control, Shipment verification, Inventory packing, Receiving, Asset Management, Rack labels, Asset Tracking.


UPC marketing, Shelf labels and tags, Warehouse Case labels, Supermarket Scale labels.

Health Care:

HIBC Bar codes, Consumable bar code labels, Specimen labels, Pharmacy labels, Lab reports, In-patient and Out-patient records, Wristband labels


AIAG labels, Parts ID labels, Bills of lading, Shipping labels, Packing lists, Window stickers, Assembly tags

Cargo/Freight Handling:

Air freight bills, Manifests, Baggage tags, Pro # labels, Load verification.

The OMNI Systems™ Difference

We can be found All Across The Country

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