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Designed to Protect Merchandise Packaging

OMNI Systems is an authorized dealer of Sensormatic® Anti-Theft Labels. Sensormatic® is the world's leading electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution, leveraging innovative technology to meet retailers' evolving needs. We are proud to offer these anti-theft labels to you.


Protect Your Bottom Line

Each year, manufacturers and retailers lose billions of dollars in sales to theft. Sensormatic® Anti-Theft Labels prevent loss effectively in all retail categories from apparel to pharmaceuticals to beauty products and beyond. Limiting theft enables you to keep prices lower for your customers while protecting revenue.


Your Solution for Theft Prevention

  • Our EAS Anti-Theft Labels ensure durability and longevity on merchandise during shipping, storage and handling.
  • Permits open merchandising while still combating theft.
  • Quality materials and precision manufacturing help deliver consistent deactivation at the POS.
  • Small label footprint minimizes impact on brand promotion and important product information.
  • Works well when placed on liquids, foils and in metal shopping carts.
  • Reactivatable for unlimited reuse.

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