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The OMNI Quality of Industrial Paper or Film DT

OMNI Systems takes pride in being your premier source for Direct Thermal labels. We use top-tier raw materials to craft labels of unparalleled quality, ensuring your complete satisfaction, while saving you 15-40% when compared to other suppliers.


Our paper and film Direct Thermal labels feature a complete line of non-topcoated and topcoated materials that enhance durability, making them resistant to light, scratches, heat, moisture and other contaminants. This means your printed labels maintain their clarity and scannability, ensuring reliable performance.


Direct Thermal labels can be applied to a variety of packaging materials and are available in paper, and both clear and white film, in a broad range of temperature requirements and adhesive options.


OMNI is an industry leader in the Grocery Market for Weigh Scale, and Logistic and Warehouse labels, as well as our other offerings below. As a result, industries can rely on OMNI Systems as a trusted partner for low cost, premium quality Direct Thermal labels that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value. 


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