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Our Donation Policy


OMNI recognizes that it is an organization which operates successfully in and benefits from communities in many areas of the world. As such, it believes in its social responsibility to the communities in which its employees, customers and their families live and work. As part of its responsibility, Omni is committed to help strengthen these communities by contributing to effective care-giving organizations. These contributions will include financial aid and employees' time, as well as their varied expertise. This combination of support is intended to ensure that Omni remains an integral member of the communities where its livelihood depends.


  • The program is administered by a committee representative of the corporate office and OMNI's divisions.
  • OMNI will develop direct relationships with those charities to which it commits more than $10,000 in any year. Focus will be more money for fewer organizations, rather than smaller donations for many charities.
  • OMNI's recommended eligibility criteria:
    • Charities should fall within the Social Services, Health, Education and Environment sectors
    • Must be registered
    • Do not use third party, professional fundraisers
    • Provide requests in writing
    • OMNI discourages supporting advertising space and purchase of tables at special events.
    • Multi-year donation commitments will not be eligible
  • OMNI encourages employee volunteerism through the participation in such programs where all employees can be involved in a regional charitable event
OMNI will not donate to political parties or affiliates