Sensormatic® Anti-Theft Tags


OMNI Systems is the exclusive, authorized dealer of Sensormatic® anti-theft tags. Sensormatic® anti-theft tags are the world's leading electronic article surveillance (EAS) and source theft-prevention tagging solution. We are proud to offer these anti-theft tags to our customers.


Anti-Theft Tags Help Keep Your Prices Down

Each year, manufacturers and retailers in the U.S. and beyond lose billions of dollars in sales to theft. Sensormatic® anti-theft tags provide unparalleled theft protection to all levels of the retail supply chain. By reducing losses from theft, anti-theft tags help keep prices lower for end consumers, thus increasing your chances of selling more products.


Anti-Theft Tags for Any Requirement

Sensormatic® designs and manufactures a wide variety of theft-prevention source tagging options, which means OMNI Systems can supply tags to meet any requirement retailers set. When you work with OMNI Systems on your theft-prevention tag needs, you can save time and money by working with a single source.

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