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3 Reasons Why Financial Stability of Your Suppliers Matters

by OMNI SystemsMay 1, 2017 14:13

We all know financial stability is essential to keeping your business afloat. You probably have a sharp eye on your company’s revenue, profitability and cash flow. Given how important finances are to your company, are you paying close enough attention to the stability of your suppliers? The following are three reasons you should be regularly checking up on your suppliers’ financial strength.

  1. It signals longevity. Losing a supplier can be a devastating event. Even with redundancies in place, a key supplier closing their business can create a ripple effect throughout your entire supply chain. Financial performance is a top indicator of the likelihood that a company will continue or cease business operations. This data isn’t hard to find, either. Dun & Bradstreet regularly evaluates and ranks companies using Financial Stress Scores (FSS), Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) and Viability Rating.
  2. It indicates business alignment. One of your main goals is to keep your company successful. You want suppliers who are also dedicated to that same goal, who make it as easy as possible to do business well and keep your customers happy. If your suppliers are committed to profitability and growth of their own company, it is also an indicator that they are going to be equally concerned with your success.
  3. And last, but definitely not least, it impacts your bottom line. Financial strength opens many doors for your suppliers. They can negotiate better supply rates, ink exclusive material deals and can more easily acquire new manufacturing equipment and technologies. Better raw materials rates can translate to lower prices. New equipment often results in higher quality and greater production efficiency. When those things come together, it almost always results in positive changes to your bottom line. 

As manufacturing continues to change and evolve, it is ever important to build supplier relationships with companies who are just as committed to your business’s success as you are. When evaluating existing suppliers or choosing new ones, be sure to consider their overall financial strength. It could make a difference down the line.

OMNI Systems is proud to be the only debt-free thermal label supplier ranked by D&B at the 12AA level viability rating (indicating stability and a strong likelihood of continued operations), with FSS and SER scores of 1 (indicating the lowest risk).

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OMNI Offers Labels at the Lowest Prices

by OMNI SystemsJuly 31, 2013 01:21


OMNI Systems™ offers the highest-quality labels at the industry's lowest prices. And while a lot of companies may promise the same, OMNI Systems™ can actually deliver.

How? High volume and low overhead.

High Volume

OMNI Systems™ supplies labels and related items to companies throughout the world. We serve many sizes of companies, including international retail leaders. That means we purchase a lot of raw materials. We have long-standing relationships with suppliers, and we’ve been working with them for more than 20 years.

Due to the volume of materials we purchase - we are the largest consumer of label media in North America - we are able to receive the best possible pricing from our suppliers. It’s a classic case of economy of scale. Our large purchasing power means we get the best rates, and we are 100% committed to passing on these savings to our customers.

It's not uncommon for us to save our customers 10-20% - and sometimes even more than that - over their current costs.

Low Overhead

Throughout the years we've been in business, we have worked diligently to keep our overhead low. At the same time, we keep increasing our volume and customer base. Every year we grow our relationships with new businesses and supply them with high-quality labels. We’ve been in business for almost 25 years, and we’re still growing.

This balance means OMNI can reliably provide quality direct thermal and thermal transfer labels at the lowest possible cost.

Start Saving Today

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