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by OMNI SystemsNovember 1, 2015 09:00

       OMNI Systems, Inc., the leader in thermal labels, announced today that one of the country's largest Retailers has renewed its OMNI Systems to supply all of its thermal labeling requirements. The Client is a leader in consumer electronics and distributes more than $40 Billion Dollars worth of products through 1000+ Retail stores. 

    The Client will continue to draw on OMNI Systems' expansive experience in Thermal Labeling arena to supply labels to every Distribution & Processing Center that the Client operates. David Irwin, VP of Sales said, “Our focus at OMNI Systems is in squarely building long-term relationships with all of its partners and this renewal is a testament to that. Instead of focusing on just the next order, we are focused on creating a win-win, mutually beneficial partnership for the long-term future. By supplying the HIGHEST QUALITY at the lowest prices, we're helping our clients get better control over this mission critical commodity."

   OMNI Systems' is a leader in Thermal labels that are used in industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution/Logistics, Healthcare, etc. in labeling applications such as Shipping, Bar-coding, Receiving, Product ID, Prescription Labeling, etc.

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