Direct Thermal Labels

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As North America’s leading direct thermal label supplier, OMNI Systems uses only the highest quality raw materials to create the highest quality direct thermal labels available anywhere—all at prices that will save you 15-40 percent and deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership by reducing printhead wear.

Our top-coated stocks for direct thermal labels make your printed labels more resistant to light, scratches and other contaminates, so printed images remain scannable longer.

Semi top coated – permanent adhesive High-volume shipment tracking labels, weigh scale labels
130NIR-2 Inventory control labels, parts ID and shipping labels applications
N140LA Scale labels, shipment tracking, food labels, poultry labels, vendor marking and parts ID
150LA-1 Food packing, poultry labels, shipment tracking
150LH Shipping labels, inventory control, pharmaceutical applications
150PRx Prescription labels, hospital labels, pharmaceutical applications, health care industry
120LDS – synthetic Shelf price tags, laboratory, hospital wrist bands, test tube and fruit applications
140LES – synthetic Airline baggage tags, shelf price tags, laboratory labels, hospital wrist bands and ski lift tickets
140LAR Airline baggage tags


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