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OMNI Systems – A BRC and GFSI-Certified Leader in Food Processing Labels

Certification by renowned third-party organizations truly validates excellence and adherence to the food processing industry’s most stringent quality standards.

OMNI Systems has proudly attained the esteemed Brand Reputation Through Compliance Global Standards (BRC) certification for packaging and packaging materials. BRC certification, in turn, complies with guidelines established by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is the universal gold standard of recognition to specific food safety audits, signifying that the certification holder operates with a structured, comprehensive and effective food safety program.

BRC certification is a product and process certification standard which verifies compliance to industry best practices. It focuses on quality and functional aspects of packaging which complement the established requirements of food packaging plants. BRC certification validates that OMNI Systems’ packaging labels for food are safe and effective for use on food-grade packaging.

OMNI Systems’ BRC certification under GFSI guidelines was issued by AIB International, a world-renowned third-party testing organization which conducted an extensive on-site audit against standard requirements. AIB International audits and facility inspections are conducted at food processing and manufacturing sites around the world.

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OMNI Systems – BRC/GFSI-Certified and Uniquely Suited to Food Industry Applications

In the food processing industry, direct thermal labels are an ideal solution. If you purchase direct thermal packaging labels for your food industry business, we urge you to consider BRC/GFSI-certified OMNI Systems. As North America’s leading direct thermal label supplier, OMNI Systems uses only the highest quality raw materials to create the highest quality direct thermal labels available anywhere—all at prices that will save you 15-40 percent and deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership by reducing print head wear.

Our top-coated stocks for direct thermal labels make your direct thermal food processing labels more resistant to light, scratches and other contaminates so printed images remain scannable longer.

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