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RFID products from Texas Instruments

Quality and Versatility at the Lowest Prices

OMNI Systems is a proud member of the Texas Instruments Tag-it™ Program, which means we offer a complete line of the highest quality Texas Instruments RFID tags at the lowest prices. Texas Instruments manufactures the most advanced RFID tags available, including the:

  • UHF inlay
  • Transponder inlay
  • UHF strap
The Texas Instruments' UHF straps we offer are extremely versatile. They can be converted into inlays, labels and packaging materials to meet a wide variety of needs. They also feature innovative print designs within an ultra small form factor.

RFID Tags Offer Easy Integration and Conversion

The Texas Instruments' Tag-it™ UHF inlay is designed for ease of integration into the smart label conversion and handling process. These UHF inlays provide innovative designs for optimal performance across many SKUs. The Tag-it™ transponder inlays are thin and flexible, allowing for easy conversion into paper or plastic labels.

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RFID label

OMNI Systems™ partners with Texas Instruments to deliver the highest quality RFID products on the market. We are proud to be a member of the Texas Instruments' Team Tag-It™ Program.