Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons

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Thermal Transfer Labels


OMNI Systems provides a one-stop solution to all your thermal transfer printing needs. A dedicated OMNI Systems account representative can help you choose the right top-coated thermal transfer label for your application. Like all of our labels, OMNI’s thermal transfer labels are top-coated, which will extend the life of your printheads, resulting in more cost-savings.

Opaque Cover-up label, inventory control, shipping, food packaging
Permanent adhesive Tamper-evident labels, food packing, lab/hospital labels, test tube and fruit application
Freezer adhesive Poultry labels, food processing, laboratory
Removable adhesives (various types available)  Retail, shelf price labeling, product


Thermal Transfer Ribbons

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OMNI Systems offers the right thermal transfer ribbon for any application, available at the lowest prices. Our ribbons deliver outstanding print quality at lower temperatures, which reduces the wear on printheads and extends their life for lower total cost of ownership.



Wax Shipping, warehousing, WIP, retail, textile or apparel
Wax/resin Provides higher durability images that can withstand rough handling, abrasion, occasional chemical exposure or outdoor elements
Resin Maximum durability, with the highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam and various chemicals
Near edge Outstanding performance at high print speeds; specially developed for near-edge printers; prints on a wide range of paper and film stocks
Colors Color coding, stocking, tracking, retrieving merchandise, item matching
Security enhanced  


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