Water-Activated Tape

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Water-activated tape offers several key advantages to using for carton closure and related applications, including:

  • A permanent carton closure solution
  • Durability and strength
  • A pilfer-proof solution for security
  • Environmentally friendly benefits
  • Clean closure appearance

With the recent growth of e-commerce purchases and parcel shipping, water-activated tape has experienced a revival, with a focus on having a secure, pilfer-proof seal on packages being shipped by parcel services. Whatever business you’re in, OMNI Systems can supply premium water-activated tape product to meet any carton closure application.

OMNI Systems offers a comprehensive line of high-quality water-activated tape products, including:

  • Reinforced tape. Features fiberglass reinforcement for added strength and durability. Most water-activated tape sold in North America is reinforced. Seven different grades – H-20 – H-80 are available in either natural or white colors.
  • Non-reinforced tape. This 100% biodegradable paper tape does not have fiberglass reinforcement. Ideal for cartons that will be palletized and not shipped individually. Three different grades – light duty, medium duty and heavy duty – are available in either natural or white colors.
  • Custom-printed tape. Adaptable for a wide range of styles, from one-color prints to high-definition six-color process printing. Available in flood-coated, striped, custom logo and flood-logo reverse styles.
  • Corrugated box tape. An all-purpose premium box-maker’s tape for the joints of corrugated boxes. This tape is ideal for an array of specialty corrugated applications. Available in natural and white colors.
  • WAT coupon. This tape incorporates a custom-printed redeemable coupon to enable your business to promote special offers on packaging. Designed to peel cleanly from the tape surface, custom labels can be printed on two sides with a message and a concealed offer or promotion. Handles up to four-color process printing. Available in natural, white and pure white colors.
  • Tape base stock. Gummed or ungummed tape base stock for use in converting and printing operations—all in a variety of grades and sizes.
  • Tape machines. We offer the complete line of McDonald’s Phoenix® water-activated tape machines to meet varying levels of performance and budget. 

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