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OMNI Systems Launches Online Portal To Further Enhance Buying Experience For Its Clients

Nov 1, 2013 8:30:00 AM

OMNI Systems, Inc., the premier supplier of thermal labels, has launched an innovative online portal which will support its clients further by providing a superior buying experience. This initiative is aimed to improve client satisfaction and further solidify OMNI's competitive edge in the Thermal & Pressure-Sensitive labels market.

“OMNI's new Portal will extend data from our ERP system and put it in our clients' hands," said Michael Kisha, OMNI Systems' Vice President of Manufacturing & Distribution who spearheaded this initiative. "This will allow our clients to get the information they need, when they want it, day or night from anywhere in the world," he added.

The Portal will allow clients to get information such as past Purchase Orders, Inventories, Order History, Invoice History, Product Descriptions, Product Images, etc. This will provide our clients with up to date information at their fingertips allowing them to make the best decisions for their respective businesses.

OMNI Systems supports the Logistics functions of the world's largest companies by providing the highest quality labels at the lowest possible costs for applications such as Shipping, Bar-coding, Product Identification, Picking, etc. This allows its clients to effectively deliver products to consumer in industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Pharmacy, Grocery Retail, etc.

Contact us today to test drive the new portal and to see how OMNI helps improve operations while significantly lowering label spend for its clients.

Nimitt Adhvaryu
Written by Nimitt Adhvaryu

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