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by OMNI SystemsMay 1, 2015 09:00

OMNI Systems, Inc., the leading provider of thermal labels in North America, is pleased to announce that it has closed 1Q of fiscal year 2015 with record revenues and growth. Founded in 1990, OMNI Systems has seen robust growth throughout its existence, and for the most recent quarter 1Q 2015, sales have grown 15% compared to 1Q 2014.

"We are pleased with the record performance and the positive trends we have experienced through the first quarter of 2015," said David Irwin, OMNI Systems' Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "This marks its 51st consecutive quarter of revenue growth for OMNI and is a testament of a proven business model in action. We are seeing strength in all aspects of our business, from existing product lines at current clients, to new product lines at new clients. We will continue to spread our message of the HIGHEST QUALITY labels at the  lowest prices to anyone that has extensive bar-coding requirements."

OMNI Systems has been increasing capacity, and also started manufacturing at  a second facility to absorb the new growth as it continues to set new records for number of customers, renewal rates, geographical coverage, and revenues. OMNI has continually invested in new equipment and systems over the last few years to ensure OMNI can absorb this anticipated growth with ease.

Contact OMNI today to see how we can provide you uncompromising Quality & Fulfillment at savings of at least 20% annually.

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