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Are Your Labels Food Safety Grade?

Dec 17, 2021 9:47:27 AM

     Given what is at stake for food companies, compliance and safety is a critical component for food packaging and labels. Navigating food safety requirements can be a tricky undertaking for any company, and the threat of non-food grade materials can easily go overlooked, creating serious consequences that directly impact the food’s quality and compromise the safety consumption. So what certificates for food safety truly matter the most for food packaging?

     The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certificate for high-hygiene is the universal gold standard of specific food safety audits, signifying that the certification holder operates with a structured, comprehensive and effective food safety program.

     OMNI Systems, since 2019, has continued to annually attain Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards (BRC) certification for packaging materials. BRC certification complies with guidelines established by GFSI and focuses on quality and functional aspects of packaging, which complement the established requirements of food processing plants. The BRC certification validates that OMNI’s packaging labels are safe and effective for use on food-grade packaging.

     “Food grade” materials do more than make the product sound safer. The thermal labels used for food packaging applications must be of the absolute highest quality in order to prevent: peeling, ensure safety, enable consistently accurate barcode screening from warehouses to store shelves and to distinguish when and if a product is safe for consumption.


     With OMNI being a leader in the label industry, we share our extensive expertise in manufacturing labels for direct and indirect food contact with meats, poultry, produce, as well as specialty and ready to eat foods, commonly prepared by grocers. OMNI Systems is well-versed with the food safety requirements set by GFSI, providing labels that withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, while ensuring the label’s quality and durability.


     As North America’s leading direct thermal label supplier, OMNI uses only the highest quality raw materials to create the highest quality direct thermal labels available anywhere—all at prices that will save you 15% - 40% and deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership, while also reducing print head wear.


     With the high-consequences at risk for food companies, it is critical that the question is asked: are the packaging and labels being provided food safety grade certified? Find out today from the industry leaders if your packaging and labeling needs are deliberately setup for success within the food industry.


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