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Five Key Benefits to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Anti-Theft Tags

Jul 26, 2019 4:09:04 PM

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Today’s retail environment is challenging enough. Yet, year after year, retailers across the U.S. lose billions of dollars due to shoplifting. In fact, the National Retail Federation says shoplifting cost U.S. retailers $46.8 billion in 2017 alone, or an average inventory shrink of about 1.33 percent of sales.

Any loss of inventory – whether it’s related to shoplifting, employee theft, error or fraud – adversely impacts a retailer’s bottom line. Anti-theft tags are a key asset in the battle against inventory shrink, and one of the most valuable tools in a retailer’s theft-protection arsenal. They not only provide a visible deterrent to shoplifting, but they are designed to immediately alert store personnel to a potential theft.

It’s essential, then, to select the anti-theft tag solution that best meets your needs and serves you well for years to come.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Tags – the Industry Standard

An EAS system features state-of-the-art technology—yet, the way it works is quite simple. An EAS system utilizes three primary components: an electronic antenna, a deactivator/detacher, and an electronic tag. The antenna usually is placed at store entrances and exits. This essentially creates an invisible gate, since the antenna picks up on an active tag passing by it and subsequently triggers an alarm.

Meanwhile, electronic tags (in hard tag or sticker form) are attached to merchandise, which can occur either in a store or during the manufacture or packaging process. Upon checkout, tags are quickly and easily deactivated by store employees, using either a deactivation pad or a detacher, which releases the hard tag pin.

Five Benefits of EAS Anti-Theft Tags

  1. Deters theft: Studies have shown that EAS anti-theft tags, by their very presence, deter theft. Physical deterrence alone won’t completely eliminate shoplifting; but it plays a vital role in the effort to minimize it.
  2. Easy to install and operate for store employees – hard to remove or deactivate for shoplifters: EAS systems are designed for quick and intuitive installation, while attaching, removing and deactivating tags is a very straightforward process that takes store employees only seconds. Conversely, EAS anti-theft tags also are designed to make it extremely difficult for a shoplifter to remove or deactivate one.
  3. Enables an open display of goods: Retail goods on open display give customers better access to those that are locked in displays or located behind counters. This helps them examine the goods and get a tactile feel for them—particularly when store personnel aren’t on hand to assist. Ultimately, open displays can help to boost sales—and with the use of EAS anti-theft systems, do so without incurring inventory shrink from shoplifting.
  4. Boosts safety for staff and optimizes customer service: EAS anti-theft solutions help shift the focus of store employees from security watchdogs to providing excellent service. Confrontational incidents between employees and shoppers are reduced, which creates a better environment for employees and customers alike.
  5. Helps increase sales and delivers strong ROI: EAS anti-theft tag solutions from established and respected providers like OMNI Systems deliver strong payback, as shoplifting incidents continue to decline over time. These systems are durable, reliable and built to last. Hard tags are reusable, maintenance is minimal and the only ongoing costs are those associated with the purchase of self-adhesive labels. Moreover, EAS anti-theft tags provide unparalleled theft protection to all levels of the retail supply chain. By reducing losses from theft, you can keep prices lower for consumers, thus increasing your chances of selling more products.

Sensormatic® Anti-Theft Tags By OMNI Systems – Leading the Way

OMNI Systems is the exclusive, authorized dealer of Sensormatic® anti-theft tags. Sensormatic anti-theft tags are the world's leading EAS and source theft-prevention tagging solution. We are proud to offer these anti-theft tags to our customers.

Sensormatic designs and manufactures a wide variety of theft-prevention source tagging options, which means OMNI Systems can supply tags to meet any requirement retailers set. When you work with OMNI Systems on your theft-prevention tag needs, you can save time and money by working with a single source.

Do you have questions about Sensormatic® anti-theft tags? Please contact David Irwin, Vice President of Business Development, at 216-377-5169 or email David.

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