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Top Global Logistics Company Picks OMNI Systems As Its Thermal Label Supplier

May 1, 2014 7:00:00 AM

     OMNI Systems, Inc., the premier supplier of thermal labels, announced today that a Top Global Logistics Company has picked OMNI Systems to supply all of its thermal labeling requirements. The Client is a leader in international logistics, providing freight forwarding, global mail, and supply chain services that generates over 70 Billion dollars annually. 

    The agreement calls for OMNI Systems to supply direct thermal labels to every Distribution & Processing Center that the Client operates. David Irwin, VP of Sales & Marketing said, "Every shipment needs to get to its intended destination, the label pays an integral part in this process. When you use the HIGHEST QUALITY top-coated Direct Thermal labels, you can rest assure that the bar-code will scan at the point of delivery. After months of negotiations and testing, the Client found OMNI's products not only performed better than existing solution, it also provided more than $200,000 annually of hard savings."

    OMNI Systems' is leveraging its position as the market leader for Direct Thermal labels in Food Logistics industries to expand further into the Global Logistics arena. Contact OMNI today to see how they can help improve your Operations while significantly reducing your label spend.

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