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Top US Retailer Picks OMNI Systems To Supply All Its Thermal Label Requirements

Aug 1, 2014 8:30:00 AM

OMNI Systems, Inc., the premier supplier of thermal labels, announced today that one of the country's largest Retailers has picked OMNI Systems to supply all of its thermal labeling requirements. The Client is a leader in consumer electronics and distributes over $40 Billion Dollars worth of products through 1400 stores. 

    The Client will draw on OMNI Systems' expansive experience in the Thermal Labeling arena to supply labels to every Distribution & Processing Center that the Client operates. David Irwin, VP of Sales & Marketing said, “We are pleased with this new contract in the US Retail Industry. This goes to show that our value proposition is suited for every Retail operations -- not just Grocery Retailers. We're looking forward to deliver significant cost-savings & effective supply that Clients have come to expect from OMNI Systems."

    OMNI Systems' is leveraging its position as the market leader for Direct Thermal labels in Food Logistics industries to expand further into the US Big Box Retail Arena arena. Contact OMNI today to see how they can help improve your Operations while significantly reducing your label spend.

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