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Are You Sure You’re Getting the Lowest Prices on Thermal Labels?

Jul 1, 2019 9:30:00 AM

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Four Questions to Ask Your Supplier

The thermal label supplier you currently purchase from may advertise low prices on the thermal labels they sell. They may even claim their prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere. So how can you be sure the direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, water-activated tape and related labeling products you purchase are actually the lowest you’ll find anywhere?

For starters, the supplier should back any lowest-price claims with a guarantee. If they don’t, that red flag should raise eyebrows. But dig a bit deeper, and several tell-tale signs can help you understand the factors that impact a label supplier’s costs—and how those in turn impact the label prices you see.

Before you embark on your next label purchase, ask your supplier these four questions:

(1) Do you know how your raw materials costs compare to those of your competitors? Any label supplier must make a profit margin on the products they sell to remain in business. To offer low prices, they must minimize costs in other areas—and raw material costs are a big one.

At OMNI Systems, we’re the largest privately owned thermal media company in the U.S., so we buy raw materials at highly discounted rates, then pass the savings directly to you without sacrificing quality or customer service.

(2) How efficient are your operations? In the realm of label production, low efficiency generates more product scrap and increases production costs. Those costs, in turn, could eventually get baked into a label converter’s prices. Through the years, we at OMNI Systems have continually refined our operating processes to ensure optimal production efficiency. That helps deliver the lowest possible cost for you.

(3) Does your company carry substantial debt obligations? This may not seem like an obvious question to you, but debt service is a liability—and it can be an expensive obligation that has to be met somehow. One way to do that: higher prices. At OMNI Systems, we are a debt-free, financially stable company. With no debt obligations, our lowest industry prices are never compromised by this hidden cost.

(4) How tight is your product mix? It’s hard to be all things to all people and still meet their expectations. If your current label supplier bases its selling proposition on keeping an exceptionally wide assortment of products in stock, beware…that’s a costly proposition that could lead to higher prices for end user customers.

At OMNI Systems, we keep our product focus tight, and our operating costs low—we’re specialists in thermal labels and water-activated tape. We don’t take chances with our product mix or overextend our production capacity or inventory. We also continuously remove unnecessary and redundant processes from our operations. You’ll get exactly the products you need without paying extra to support high overhead costs for other non-core products.

When you purchase from the industry leaders at OMNI Systems, you will save 15-40% on your thermal label spend over current costs and enjoy the industry’s longest fixed pricing on all our thermal labels. What’s more, you’ll get the highest quality thermal labels and labeling products available anywhere. And, OMNI’s dedicated professionals offer White-Glove personal service and consultative expertise to help you optimize your label spend, run your business more efficiently, and boost your margins—at no additional cost to you.

We hope this blog equips you with the insights you need to identify the lowest possible prices on direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, water-activated tape and other labeling products and services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how OMNI’s leadership in price, quality and service can help you widen your margins on thermal labels and water-activated tape, win more bids and make your job easier.

Do you have questions about direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, water-activated tape or other labeling needs? Please contact David Irwin, Vice President of Business Development, at 216-377-5169 or email David.

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