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How Value-Added Services Help You Increase Profitability

Jan 20, 2020 9:30:00 AM

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There’s good reason why OMNI Systems is the thermal labeling industry leader in price, quality and service—our company’s dedicated account representatives, expert application analysts and world-class research and development engineers will ensure valued end-user and channel partner customers always receive the highest-quality labeling solutions and the services required to meet any labeling challenge at the lowest possible price.

OMNI Systems is comprised of labeling experts with an unrivaled understanding of the thermal media landscape. We can consult with you on audit and distribution strategies and create a solution to meet any thermal labeling need. We consult with many of the world’s top brands on their labeling strategies—we’ll apply the same know-how and insights to your business.

We also offer a variety of value-added services to help you optimize your label spend in ways you may or may not be aware of. Read on to learn more about each service.

Thermal Label Engineering: Save time and money when OMNI Systems preprints your thermal labels. Work directly with our experienced engineers to customize solutions for preprinting information on nearly any thermal label. OMNI Systems has the capability to print both sequential and static barcodes in a wide variety of symbologies. Plus, OMNI Systems provides 100 percent verifiable read thermal barcode labels—it’s your assurance that the label scans the first time, every time.

Thermal Label R&D Lab: All of the thermal labels we develop and print at OMNI Systems are backed by a state-of-the-art R&D lab to meet unique and challenging labeling requirements. For extreme environments, including clean rooms, chemical baths and high humidity, our thermal label R&D team brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in the labeling industry to effectively meet virtually any challenge.

Whether it’s new label construction or improving existing products or processes, OMNI Systems’ R&D team delivers innovative, cost-effective labeling solutions and ensures outstanding product quality through rigorous testing for every label construction.

Thermal Label Management: We offer comprehensive custom label management services to make it easier to fill your label requirements with the lowest prices, highest quality and best service. A dedicated account representative on each project serves as a single point of contact to ensure satisfaction on every job. Our in-house account team also provides expertise and can answer any question on a number of “label management” services, such as:

  • Demand planning
  • Inventory management programs
  • Supplier-owned inventory
  • Supplier-managed and owned inventory
  • Customer plan audit process

You can also have your barcode labels available when you need them with OMNI Systems’ valuable “Make and Hold” service. OMNI Systems will produce a supply of labels, store them, then release them as needed to one facility or many facilities in various locations for reduced production costs through larger production runs. We will work with you to establish a minimum and maximum inventory level based on historical usage.

Thermal Printer Technical Support: The industry leaders at OMNI Systems offer nationwide on-site technical support. Our factory-trained technicians will troubleshoot your equipment on-site, within 150 miles of an OMNI Systems location. They’ll also provide preventive maintenance and operator training to extend product life. Our specialists are factory-certified experts in on-site repair, as well as installation and training support. They’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from service locations throughout North America.

Label Design: When barcode label design or custom thermal labels are needed, the experienced technicians in OMNI Systems’ graphics department are ready to put their thermal label design expertise to work for you on custom label sizes, configurations or multicolor thermal labels. Our prepress art department is also available to put the finishing touches on your artwork when needed, using the latest hardware and software so your labels are ready for the printing and converting process.

Thermal Printhead Replacement Services: Printheads are a critical element of any label program. But, not all thermal printheads or labels are created equally. Price is an important consideration, but total cost of ownership can be even more important. Cheap, lower-quality labels can put excess wear on printheads, leading to higher printhead costs and more downtime.

With OMNI Systems’ thermal printhead replacement program, you have access to high-quality top-coated labels and high-quality printheads, which reduces costs in two ways:

  1. We receive distributor pricing from a variety of thermal printhead manufacturers to provide significant savings to you.
  2. Our top-coated labels enable you to print high-quality images at lower temperatures, which extends the life of the printhead.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Supply Services: As the industry leader in price, quality and service, OMNI Systems works closely with many of North America’s leading thermal transfer ribbon manufacturers to stock a wide selection of the most popular ribbon sizes for any application, including:

  • Wax ribbons
  • Wax/resin ribbons
  • Full resin ribbons

Our close relationships and high-volume business with thermal ribbon suppliers mean we can deliver significant savings to our customers. All of our thermal transfer ribbons are engineered to provide optimum print quality at lower temperatures, which reduces wear on printheads for lower overall lifetime costs.

Learn more about direct thermal labels from OMNI Systems.

Learn more about thermal transfer labels and ribbons from OMNI Systems.

We hope this blog helps you understand more about the depth and breadth of OMNI Systems’ value-added services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how OMNI’s leadership in price, quality and service can help you save 15-40 percent on your label spend over current costs and make your job easier.

Do you have questions about direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, water-activated tape or other labeling needs? Please contact OMNI Systems at 216-377-5160 or email

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