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Direct Thermal Pharmacy Labels – What to Look For in a Thermal Labeling Supplier

Oct 22, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Pharmacy Labels

When it comes to pharmacy labels, it’s essential that the labels you choose are of the highest quality and enable consistently accurate barcode screening. After all, pharmacy/prescription labels are a vital link that communicates information between physicians and pharmacies. The information printed on pharmacy labels – most notably patient name, doctor name, drug type, strength and dosage – is critical to ensuring proper patient care.

Pharmacy labels are used in a variety of health care settings, from hospitals and physicians’ offices to skilled nursing facilities, clinics and more. Most are commonly printed using direct thermal printing methods and equipment. Direct thermal labels are constructed through a direct thermal printing process whereby a thermal print head heats specific areas of coated thermal paper or substrate. The paper is run over the thermal print head and turns black in the area that receives heat, which, in turn, delivers a designed image.

Direct thermal labels are ideal for short-to-medium-life applications, particularly in retail, logistics and other industries where the label is not exposed to high heat or moisture levels after it has been applied.

If you purchase direct thermal pharmacy labels for your business, we urge you to consider OMNI Systems. As North America’s leading direct thermal label supplier, OMNI Systems uses only the highest quality raw materials to create the highest quality direct thermal labels available anywhere—all at prices that will save you 15-40 percent and deliver an overall lower total cost of ownership by reducing print head wear.

Our top-coated stocks for direct thermal labels make your direct thermal pharmacy labels more resistant to light, scratches and other contaminates, so printed images remain scannable longer.

Additionally, we offer a variety of value-added services to help you optimize your label spend in ways you may or may not be aware of. Learn more about OMNI Systems’ best-in-class thermal labeling services.

OMNI Systems is comprised of labeling experts with an unrivaled understanding of the thermal media landscape. We can consult with you on audit and distribution strategies and create a solution to meet any thermal labeling need—be it pharmacy/prescription labels or any other label type. We consult with many of the world’s top brands on their labeling strategies—we’ll apply the same know-how and insights to your business.

We hope this blog helps you understand the ins and outs of direct thermal pharmacy labels, as well as what to look for in a supplier of direct thermal labels. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how OMNI’s leadership in price, quality and service can help you save 15-40 percent on your label spend over current costs and make your job easier.

Do you have questions about direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, water-activated tape or other labeling needs? Please contact OMNI Systems at 216-377-5160 or email

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