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Four Qualities of an Outstanding Direct Thermal Label Supplier

Oct 21, 2019 9:52:38 AM

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As a channel partner, when you need direct thermal labels for your business, you turn to a label converter to supply them. Choosing which label converter to build a relationship with is an important decision, because there are big differences from one company to the next, and those differences have bottom-line implications.

Whatever industries your customers are in – from warehousing, distribution and logistics to retail, manufacturing, health care, food processing and more, the relationship you establish with your direct thermal label supplier must be beneficial to your business.

At OMNI Systems, we believe successful relationships with channel partners are predicated on four pillars

  • Price: Let’s face it—price drives purchasing decisions for many end users, so the direct thermal label supplier you choose should guarantee the lowest possible prices on direct thermal labels. With OMNI Systems, we are the industry’s recognized leader in price. In fact, you’ll save 15-40% on your thermal label spend over current costs and enjoy the industry’s longest fixed pricing on all labels—guaranteed. How? We buy label media at highly discounted rates, then pass the savings directly to you without sacrificing quality or customer service. Quite simply, we’ll help you boost your margins, win more bids and gain market share.
  • Quality: Buying on quality may seem like a luxury. For channel partners, though, buying quality thermal labels isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. No matter the requirement, you should always demand the highest quality direct thermal labels from your supplier—period. As industry veterans, we’ve heard enough horror stories to say with confidence that anything short of top quality could prove very costly to you—in delays, returns—even lost business.

Yes, OMNI Systems leads the way in price. But for direct thermal labels (as well as thermal transfer labels and other products), we’re also the Leaders in Quality. Consider:

    • We’ve been dedicated to excellence for nearly three decades and produce the highest quality thermal labels in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. High-quality thermal labels can help print heads last longer, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.
    • We utilize Lean, Kaizen and 5S process improvement methods.
    • OMNI’s thermal labels feature an average 99.9% defect-free acceptance rate. Ask your current supplier how its acceptance rate compares.
    • We received a Superior Rating from AIB International, which tests all aspects of a manufacturer’s quality control systems and processes—from raw materials and storage, to equipment testing and finished product viability.
    • OMNI uses freezer-grade adhesive and blank cores on all of our stocked items.
    • We include corner guards on every item shipped to ensure safe delivery.

  • Capabilities and capacity: You’ll want assurance that the direct thermal label supplier you choose has the capabilities and capacity to meet all your needs, including custom or irregular sizes. At OMNI Systems, we’re equipped to meet your toughest logistics requirements. All of the thermal labels we develop and print at OMNI Systems are backed by a state-of-the-art R&D lab to meet unique and challenging labeling requirements. For extreme environments, including clean rooms, chemical baths and high humidity, our thermal label R&D team brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in the labeling industry to effectively meet virtually any challenge. We also offer an array of value added services, including engineering, direct thermal label management, thermal printer technical support, direct thermal label design services and thermal printhead replacement services.

  • Service: What good are low-priced thermal labels if they peel or fail to adhere properly…if they’re not suited to your requirements…if they’re not delivered on time…if the labels are damaged during shipment…or you can’t get live, expert support when you need it?

Low prices alone may save you a few dollars in the short term; but take it from the industry leaders at OMNI Systems: Industry experience, expert service and an honest commitment to helping you optimize your thermal label spend are your keys for achieving real cost savings.

As a custom direct thermal label converter, our labeling experts can consult on audit and distribution strategies and create a solution to meet any direct thermal labeling need. We consult with many of the world’s top brands on their labeling strategies—we’ll apply the same know-how and insights to your business.

We hope this blog helps you understand the four key considerations in choosing a direct thermal label supplier. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how OMNI’s leadership in price, quality and service can help you widen your margins, win more bids and make your job easier.

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